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Access to Work Funding


About Access to Work Funding Opportunities!

The Access to Work grant is a remarkable initiative by the UK government, tailor-made to support self-employed individuals with disabilities or health conditions such as ADHD. Recognising that traditional work environments might not always cater to neurodivergent needs, this grant provides practical, bespoke assistance to help you excel in your business.


From helping to finance specialised equipment to covering costs for professional support services that help you manage your ADHD effectively, Access to Work is your partner on the path to success.

Most importantly, this grant can be used to access targeted, specialised coaching services, like those provided by My ADHD Coach.

Ultimately, the aim is to create a working environment where your neurodivergent traits are not only accepted but celebrated and used to fuel your entrepreneurial journey.

So the good news is ... My ADHD Coach Programme COULD be fully funded by a successful application for Access to Work funding!

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