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Business & Social Media Coaching with

Business & Social Media Coaching Programme with My ADHD Coach

Welcome to Business & Social Media Coaching with My ADHD Coach, a bespoke 12-session programme crafted to empower adults in their business and digital lives. Work with Jo Picken in uniquely tailored sessions which provide you with comprehensive strategies to grow your confidence & skills in running your business in an online world.

Throughout this journey, we will focus on developing a comprehensive understanding of your business, including its challenges and potentials. From navigating paperwork and setting attainable goals to understanding the dynamics of sales, marketing and social media, each session will build on the last, creating a cumulative learning experience. We will delve into the intricacies of branding, helping you create a compelling identity that resonates with your target audience. Also, we will explore innovative strategies like sales funnels and customer engagement freebies.

Simultaneously, we will work on cultivating a resilient and confident mindset, tackling imposter syndrome, and building the courage to face business challenges head-on. You will learn to become a reflective practitioner, understanding how to learn from experiences and continually adapt for the better.


In this, the core theme of accountability will be a constant - encouraging you to take ownership of your actions, goals, and results. The aim is not only to help you thrive in your business but also to foster an environment of continual learning and improvement, well beyond the scope of this programme.


So, let's embark on this transformative journey together and set the stage for your enduring business success.

12 Session Business & Social Media Coaching Programme

Session 1

Foundations - Understanding Imposter Syndrome and Confidence Building

  • Exploring imposter syndrome and its impact on business professionals.

  • Techniques for boosting self-confidence in business contexts.

  • Introducing the concept of accountability and its role in personal growth and business success

  • Understanding how mental health can affect imposter syndrome and self-confidence. Introducing mindfulness techniques to foster self-assuredness.

Session 2

Vision - Goal Setting Strategies for Success

  • Understanding the SMART goal framework.

  • Practical exercises for setting meaningful and achievable business goals.

  • Establishing individual accountability for goal achievement.​

  • Using mental health strategies to maintain motivation and focus while setting and working towards goals.

Session 3

Groundwork - Navigating Business Paperwork

  • Deciphering the essentials of business paperwork.

  • Tips and tricks for keeping paperwork organised and manageable.

  • Encouraging accountability through effective paperwork management.​

  • Learning stress management techniques to manage the often overwhelming task of handling paperwork.

Session 4

Strategy - Business Planning & Models

  • Exploration of various business models and their suitability for different businesses.

  • Hands-on assistance in creating a robust and flexible business plan.

  • Accountability in following through with business strategies

  • Discussing the importance of mental health in maintaining strategic thinking and decision-making capabilities.

Session 5

Identity - Building a Compelling Brand

  • Understanding the importance of branding in today's market.

  • Developing a unique and compelling brand identity

  • Exploring how a positive self-image and mental health can contribute to building a stronger brand identity.

Session 6

Presence - Mastering Social Media & Content Creation

  • Learning the ins and outs of various social media platforms.

  • Techniques for creating engaging and shareable content.

  • Ensuring accountability in managing social media presence

  • Discussing the psychological impact of social media and how to stay mentally healthy while maintaining an active online presence.

Session 7

Outreach - Sales & Marketing Techniques

  • Discovering proven strategies for effective sales and marketing.

  • Hands-on practice in applying these techniques to your business.

  • Accountability in achieving marketing goals.

  • Learning emotional intelligence skills to improve sales and marketing techniques and customer relationships.

Session 8

Attraction - Funnels & Freebies

  • Understanding the concept of sales funnels and their role in customer acquisition.

  • Strategies for creating attractive freebies that drive customer engagement.

  • Ensuring accountability in managing and improving sales funnels

  • Addressing the anxiety often associated with sales performance and providing coping strategies.

Session 9

Reflection - Becoming a Reflective Business Owner

  • Introduction to the concept of reflective practice and its importance in business.

  • Exercises for cultivating a reflective mindset in your professional life.

  • Discussing accountability in the context of reflective practice

  • Understanding the role of mental health in self-reflection, self-improvement, and in developing as a reflective business owner.

Session 10

Resilience - Navigating Challenges and Setbacks

  • Discussing common challenges in running a business and strategies to overcome them.

  • Techniques for building resilience and staying motivated in the face of difficulties.

  • Reinforcing the importance of accountability in the face of challenges

  • Integrating resilience-building mental health strategies to better navigate business challenges and setbacks.

Session 11

Consolidation - Bringing It All Together

  • Review and integration of all the sessions, highlighting the interconnectivity of all aspects learnt.

  • Discussing how to adapt and apply these learnings to ongoing business situations.

  • Reflecting on accountability in the context of all sessions and future action

  • Discussing how mental wellbeing supports the integration and application of the varied skills learned throughout the programme.

Session 12

Future - Continuous Improvement and Growth

  • Addressing the role of mental health in fostering a growth mindset and promoting continuous self-improvement. Offering tools for maintaining mental wellbeing as a business professional.

  • Emphasising the importance of continual learning and adaptation in business.

  • Preparing for the future: setting new goals, planning for contingencies, and fostering a mindset for success.

  • Final reflections on the role of accountability in continuous improvement and future success.

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The investment for the transformative
My ADHD Coach Business Empowerment Programme, which has been carefully crafted to guide you towards understanding and thriving in business, is set at £3333

- Payment Plans 
available -
- Fully Funded Payments through Access to Work,
Department of Work & Pensions accepted too -

Business Empowerment Programme with 
My ADHD Coach

The £3333.00 investment for the Business Empowerment Programme with 

My ADHD Coach includes:

12 Sessions

12 session of expert business coaching, carefully structured into comprehensive sessions tailored to address key areas of business & social media


Tools & resources to improve focus, motivation, confidence, & social interaction skills. Access to content; video tutorials, worksheets & articles that complement your coaching sessions


An inclusive and understanding community where you can share experiences, gain insights, and foster a sense of belonging

Jo Picken Coach

Access to Jo Picken's wealth of knowledge and experience as a business coach, teacher and mentor


Strategies to cope with common challenges related to being a business owner, including anxiety, procrastination, focus, confidence and there dreaded imposter syndrome


Continuous support and feedback throughout the programme to ensure progress and adaptation of strategies based on your unique experiences and responses


Personalised strategies which work for you and can be applied to business, social media and daily life.



Guidance on understanding and harnessing your personal potential for success in business and on social media


Practical applications of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for managing the rollercoaster of being in business

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