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ADHD Empowerment Programme

Welcome to "My ADHD Coach", a bespoke 12-session programme crafted to empower adults with ADHD in their professional, business and digital lives. Work with Jo Picken in uniquely tailored sessions which provide you with comprehensive strategies to navigate the distinct challenges of ADHD.

Throughout this journey, we will focus on enhancing your focus, managing anxiety, building confidence, improving communication and much more. Jo's approach is designed to help you realise your potential in the business world and on social media platforms.

It is all under-pinned by business & social media training, resources and measured through SMART Goals and agreed outcomes. Join Jo on this empowering journey towards mastering YOUR unique path!


12 Session Coaching Programme for ADHDers

Session 1

Session 1 helps you gain a thorough understanding of ADHD, RSD, PDA, neurodiversity and anxiety, focusing on how these conditions can uniquely impact your professional life and social media engagement.

Session 2

In Session 2, we delve into strategies for enhancing your focus and concentration, offering practical exercises applicable to business tasks and social media content creation. Identify appropriate, supportive and adaptive technology & software.

Session 3

Session 3 concentrates on managing anxiety, providing techniques to reduce anxieties triggered by business pressures and social media use.

Session 4

In Session 4, we'll equip you with strategies to bolster your confidence and assertiveness, offering exercises for honing these skills during presentations, negotiations, and digital interactions.

Session 5

Session 5 is all about social confidence. Here, we'll dissect social situations, both in person and online, and give you strategies to navigate them with confidence.

Session 6

During Session 6, we focus on enhancing your motivation, applying these techniques to both your professional goals and social media engagement.

Session 7

Session 7 shares practical strategies for overall success, tackling areas like concentration, motivation, organisation, planning, and working memory, especially in the business and social media landscape.

Session 8

In Session 8, we'll improve your learning outcomes and workload management, offering techniques for meeting business deadlines, planning social media schedules, and absorbing new business strategies.

Session 9

Session 9 is all about communication and relationship building. Here, we'll provide strategies for improving communication with colleagues, clients, and your online community, fostering healthy business relationships and positive social media engagement.

Session 10

Session 10 will help you understand and manage your sensory sensitivities, identifying personal triggers related to screen time and digital content and developing healthy habits and positive coping strategies.

Session 11

In Session 11, we tackle the challenges of distractibility and procrastination, providing techniques to overcome these common hurdles in both business and social media.

Session 12

Finally, Session 12 is dedicated to identifying and harnessing your personal strengths and potential within business and social media contexts. Here, we'll devise strategies for realising your potential and guiding you towards business growth and expanded digital influence.

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The investment for the transformative
My ADHD Coaching Programme, which has been carefully crafted to guide you towards understanding and thriving with ADHD in personal and professional settings, is set at £3333

- Payment Plans 
available -
- Fully Funded Payments through Access to Work,
Department of Work & Pensions accepted too -

ADHD Empowerment Programme

The £3333.00 investment for the ADHD Empowerment Programme with 

My ADHD Coach includes:

12 Sessions

12 session of expert ADHD coaching, carefully structured into comprehensive sessions tailored to address key areas of life and business with ADHD


Tools & resources to improve focus, motivation, confidence, & social interaction skills. Access to content; video tutorials, worksheets & articles that complement your coaching sessions


An inclusive and understanding community where you can share experiences, gain insights, and foster a sense of belonging

Jo Picken Coach

Access to Jo Picken's wealth of knowledge and experience, both as a neurodivergent coach and as someone living with ADHD & PDA


Strategies to cope with common challenges related to ADHD, including anxiety, sensory sensitivities, distractibility, and procrastination


Continuous support and feedback throughout the programme to ensure progress and adaptation of strategies based on your unique experiences and responses


Personalised strategies and techniques to manage ADHD in different contexts, including business, social media, and daily life.



Guidance on understanding and harnessing your neurodivergent potential for success in both personal and professional arenas


Practical applications of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for managing ADHD symptoms

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